Teaching & Learning

Chris is a passionate educator.

Over his teaching career, Chris has valued and enjoyed the privilege of working with students from across a wide range of subjects and age groups. This experience includes Years 8-12 students and undergraduate Bachelor of Education students. In the secondary school context, he teaches Senior Earth Science, Science, IT Studies and Art. In the tertiary context, he teaches ICT in Education subjects, with a particular focus on digital pedagogies. He cherishes the opportunity to develop and build on learning relationships.

He also teaches about the integration of technology in pedagogy and schooling as part of professional learning programs. This includes working with Australian colleagues at a wide range of professional association events. Chris also teaches in QUT's International Capacity-Building programs, focussing on pedagogy and leadership with educators from Bhutan, China and Philippines.

"Chris came to Redlands College in 1992 as a first-year teacher. He immediately impressed with the quality of this teaching in areas as diverse as Earth Science and Art. His ability to engender interest and engage students saw Earth Science established as a popular option with students. A distinctive feature of his teaching has always been, and still is, his willingness to try new methods to develop deep and meaningful learning, and to push the envelope in assessment to the benefit of all students.

Chris is extremely technology literature and has worked with the IT team to lead the implementation of technology in the classroom, culminating in the 1:1 iPad Programme. Chris models and tries new methods supported by the technology in his own classroom."

"Chris’ relationships with students and his ability to connect with them has been an important part of the College’s success. I know many of us regularly hear from students about the influence he has been to many. "

Student-Focussed Innovation

Chris values the privilege and responsibility of being a teacher. As a result, he actively works to identify better opportunties to support student learning, then design, implement and evaluate new pedagogies and experiences.

Digital Pedagogies

Since 1997, Chris has actively explored how digital technologies can be used to support teaching and learning. He prioneered use of computers and the internet outside laboraties.

More recently, Chris modelled how to use ubiquitious iPads to realise new, more engaging and meaningful student-centric pedagogies.

Better Evidence of Learning

Using his considerable knowledge of assessment processes, Chris has employed digital technologies to help students collect and publish better evidence of their learning. This includes using iPads to record video logs of learning and the creation of multimodal presentations to more fully explore the conceptual relationships between key learnings.