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Research Highlights

Dr Christopher Blundell


A case study of a team of teachers consciously seeking to transform learning and teaching with digital technologies.


Research that explores how Dual Systems Theory can be used to conceptualise the changes in routine associated with transforming pedagogy.

Design-Based Professional Learning

Using design thinking to create exploratory and collaborative professional learning cultures.

Virtual Learning Environments

A research project that used Unreal Engine to create an opportunity for students to explore an ancient wonder: the Parthenon.


Education in a Digital Age
Award-winning journalist Madonna King hosts a podcast with Dr Christopher Blundell and Ms Sue Sutter from Brisbane Catholic Education about empowering teachers to use technology in the classroom with confidence and success. Available at QUT's Teacher Podclass, Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Links to All Publications

  • Teacher use of digital technologies for school-based assessment: a scoping review (2021) - A scoping review of 43 peer-reviewed publications for the purpose of exploring two questions: Research questions: How are teachers using digital technologies for school-based assessment purposes? How are these assessment-purposed digital technologies used in the enactment of teacher-centred and student-centred pedagogies?
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  • Exploring Promising Practices Using Design-Based Professional Learning (2020) - A case study of teachers using design thinking to transform pedagogy with digital technologies.
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  • Moving beyond enhancing pedagogies with digital technologies: Frames of reference, habits of mind and transformative learning (2020) - This paper explores three key factors that influence teachers when seeking to transform pedagogy and learning with digital technologies.
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  • Using Dual Systems theory to conceptualise challenges to routine when transforming pedagogy with digital technologies (2019) - This papers explores innovation with digital technologies interacts with teachers' routines.
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  • Digital learning (2018) - This chapter intoduces the WHO workflow for purposefully planning digital learning. It includes illustrations of practice from primary school contexts.  More information...
  • A case study of teachers transforming pedagogical practices through collaborative inquiry-based professional learning in a ubiquitous technologies environment (2017) - Findings from my PhD.
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  • Digital learning in schools (2016) - A conceptual framework for understanding the influences on teachers when integrating digital technologies in learning and teaching. More information...
  • Conceptualising the challenge of integrating digital technologies in pedagogy (2015) - Conference paper abou the conceptual framework for my PhD thesis.
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Details about all of Chris' research publications are available via QUT ePrints.

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